Congrats To The JPT 60 Challenge Winners

Congratulations on participating in and finishing the JPT 60 Day Healthy Challenge! We are so proud of the 20 staff members and 60 patients who signed up and participated. This was our first endeavor in organizing a healthy challenge so we would appreciate any feedback to allow us to improve in the future. At Jersey Physical Therapy, we are passionate about wellness and prevention and strive to assist our communities in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

We would like to congratulate the winners of our challenge:

Susan Becker

First off, one of our patient winners is Susan Becker, who is a patient from our East Brunswick location and had this to say, “I was completely surprised that I am one of the winners of the 60 Day Healthy Challenge, and it made me very happy. I told my friends and co-workers that I was participating and I kept telling everyone I didn’t think I would win. Now I can’t wait to tell them I DID win. I participated in the 60 Day Healthy challenge with the hope that it would help me break my habit of eating cookies and chocolate every day, and that it would give me that extra bit of motivation to make the time to exercise daily. It did exactly that. Support from friends and co-workers when they learned of what I was doing helped too. Knowing I would lose 3 points if I had any sweets made it easier to resist them. I found that drinking 8 glasses of water (twice my normal consumption) cut down on my desire to snack as well. I’m really glad JPT organized and sponsored this challenge. I am continuing with my new healthy habits even though the challenge has ended.”

Margaret Boscardin

Our other patient winner was Margaret Boscardin, who was a patient at our Plainsboro office and also had many positive feelings after completing the challenge. “The JPT 60 Day Healthy Challenge helped me to take a look at my daily habits and make some changes. Simple changes, like drinking more water, adding a few more steps, and eliminating some sugar improved my sleep and energy,” she told us. “It was a fun way to feel better. It really made me pay attention, and it did work because I lost 10 pounds!”

Our staff winners were Debbie Hynes and David Song, who both work in our Kendall Park location. Debbie noted that “the JPT 60 Day Challenge definitely got me motivated on track to a healthier me. Both the support and competition of my co-workers kept me on my toes and focused. Since the challenge ended, I took a week off (60 days is a long time with no sweets!), but I’m back on track and plan on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” In a similar vein, David said, “I thought it was definitely a challenging experience cutting out junk food entirely and it was great having other people to compete against so that kept me motivated to keep going.”

Debbie Hynes and David Song

Once again, congrats to all the winners and remember- if you participated even for a short time, you are a winner! Let us know how you benefited from the challenge and what you plan to do in the weeks and months ahead to keep up with the healthy habits embodied in the challenge! Stay tuned for the next JPT 60 Day Healthy Challenge!

Dr. Marc Rubenstein, PT, DPT, OCS Jersey Physical Therapy, Co-owner

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