Welcome Dr. Shaun Sterner!

New Staff Interview:  Dr. Shaun Sterner, PT, DPT

High School: South Brunswick

Undergraduate: Montclair State Class of ‘17

DPT: Rutgers-South Class of ‘21


1.  How did you get interested in physical therapy?

I was a patient at the Kendall Park office with Avani as my physical therapist.  This was during my sophomore year of HS after an “unhappy triad injury”.  Avani got me healthy again and I really enjoyed going to PT.  I learned a lot that I was able to transfer over to athletics. I’ve always been into sports, being active and helping others so I went to Montclair for exercise science and pursued PT thru Rutgers.

2. What specific areas are you interested in the field of physical therapy?

I honestly do love all aspects of PT, but my favorite patients are the more challenging, higher level ones where you need to get creative with our approach and exercise prescription. It’s not just the part of helping improve their injury but also educating them on why it might of happened and how to prevent it again, in order to keep them safe and also to improve/excel their goals. Whether it be sports, triathlons, or just runners. I know it’s not always possible but my goal is to make PT both enjoyable and educational for all patients, like it was for me. I like to make them feel like they are really getting something out of it and improving each time.

3.  What are your hobbies?

I’m in both lacrosse and soccer men’s leagues. I’m a big movie guy and go for hikes with my 2 dogs Rosie and Bo every weekend.

4. Favorite TV show?  My favorite show is Survivor and my goal in life is to get on that show! haha 


Dr. Shaun Sterner, PT, DPT

E-mail: [email protected]

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