Cold Weather Motivation Tips From Jersey PT

Cold Weather Motivation Tips Jersey PTAs the seasons change, it can become tempting to stay inside and hibernate. The combination of colder weather and darker days makes it much harder to motivate ourselves to leave the warmth of our homes and be active. However, decreasing activity levels can contribute to weight gain, joint stiffness, cardiovascular health issues, and can intensify those feelings of seasonal “blues”. Jersey PT put together these 7 tips to help with Cold Weather Motivation and get you bundled up and on your feet again!

So how can you increase your Cold Weather Motivation? Here are a few tips:

1) Make a schedule

Before you go to bed at night, write down a schedule for tomorrow or for the rest of the week that includes some type of exercise. When you have a specific time and day in mind, it will be harder to put it off. Experiment with different times of the day- if you feel more motivated and energetic at certain times of the day, continue to schedule your workouts at that time.

2) Exercise at home

If you can’t make it outside because of the weather, there are plenty of effective ways to work out at home! There are multiple resources available online for streaming to guide you.

3) Errands count too!

A set workout isn’t the only way to be physically active. Going to the store to do some errands will increase your energy and burn some calories. Next time you think of ordering something online, try going to the store instead!

4) Find a workout buddy

When you exercise with a friend, you can motivate and push each other to work harder. You also might think twice before cancelling a workout- if you cancel, you’re cancelling on a friend too!

5) Pack a bag

Packing a bag with your workout gear and throwing it in the front seat of your car will take the hassle out of the needing to go home and change – and will serve as a friendly reminder of the workout you have planned.

6) Invest in some cold weather gear

If your plan is to bike, run, hike, or take your dog for a walk, proper clothing can make or break the experience. Thermal gear, wool socks, and a nice pair of gloves can make all the difference. And who doesn’t a good excuse to go shopping anyway?

7) Sign up for an event

Not motivated by the saying “summer bodies are built in the winter,” or struggling to self motivate? Try signing up for an event in the springtime, maybe a charity walk, a 5K run, or a local town cycle tour such as the Tour de Franklin. Having a pending event to train for might help you get out the door to exercise despite the frigid blowing wind. Accountability is the ultimate Cold Weather Motivation.

Stay motivated, and don’t get discouraged if you miss a few days. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving!

Need some more Cold Weather Motivation? Check out our video of Plainsboro Senior Club getting active during a recent visit from members of our team:

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