Where Patient Experience Is Paramount

Reprinted from the June 27, 2018, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper

Jersey Physical Therapy, now in its 16th year, prides itself on providing patient-centric care, concentrating on the physical limitation that brought the patient to them, as well as a more holistic approach to the underlying causes of pain and physical limitations.

Jersey PT US1 Article

Rubenstein, Hunt & Moore Lead The Way

Owners Marc Rubenstein, Geoffrey Hunt, and Sean Moore stress the importance of individual relationships with patients. “The patient experience is paramount to us,” Rubenstein said. “We take a different approach, treating the whole person and not only the symptoms. We attempt to identify the root cause of a patient’s situation. Medical care has changed from a bio-medical model to a bio-psychosocial model. There is a lifestyle approach to care in addition to treating the obvious mechanical symptoms.”

We take a different approach, treating the whole person and not only the symptoms

JPT Staff

The staff at Jersey Physical Therapy treat the whole person, taking into consideration a patient’s choices in diet, exercise, sleep patterns, as well as the stress levels being experienced by the patient. Combining science-based approaches to lifestyle, along with traditional post-injury therapy, can often improve a patient’s outcome.

Steven Osovsky with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware, sums up their approach saying, “Our practice is unique in that we have created an environment that establishes a therapeutic alliance between the therapists and the patients, a relationship in which trust is instilled between both parties. We factor patient needs and wants into clinical decision making, allowing for patient buy-in to their plan of care.”

Deepti Prasad, with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers, endorses the same approach with her patients in Plainsboro.

Unique Process

“I definitely employ the holistic approach. We’re finding more ways to talk about it with our patients and most people are receptive to the idea. In the beginning, we try to assess if the patient is ready for change. Sometimes, people know they have habits they need to change, but when in pain, they want us to focus on the reason they are here for therapy. We try to meet the patient where they are and help them through the process.”

Prasad, Osovsky, and Rubenstein all stress the family atmosphere within the staff and with their patients. “We get to know our patients well during the course of their treatments We’re all like family here and we really take an interest in our patients’ care. We like to spend a lot of time one-on-one,” Prasad says of the collaboration between staff and patients.

Rubenstein is proud that patients of Jersey Physical Therapy recommend the practice to friends and family. “We rely on those personal recommendations,” Rubenstein says, stressing the satisfaction the staff has with knowing a patient wants the same outcome for their family and friends.

Jersey Physical Therapy in Plainsboro — the local place for traditional physical therapy and the lifestyle approach to therapy.

Patient Centric Philosophy

“You can go to any physical therapy practice and have the symptoms treated, but you may not get the answer to how to get healthy and stay healthy,” Rubenstein notes. “It’s all about including the patient as the center of the healthcare team and doing this with holistic/lifestyle approach. We teach them preventative techniques they can use throughout their life. Our goal is to help them stay healthy. That’s what separates us from other practices.

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