Will Move 4 Food Challenge

What in the world is #WillMOVE4Food?

This was a challenge from the #SummerofMOVE that was given last week. After seeing the challenge, I got excited to see how quickly I could execute a MOVEment event in my community. First call I placed was with my webmaster Paul from Agency P, who created a graphic that could be used on social media. The graphic was used on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday and the next day, Friday, I setup in front of our local library in the square. I summoned the help of my older girls Anna and Kyra to create a sign and my wife Melinda and son Maks were also vital to helping me prepare and execute the event.


After seeing the challenge, I got excited to see how quickly I could execute a MOVEment in my community. – Marc Rubenstein


The Event Went Like This

So 12:00 came and my challenge was this. For EVERY can of food that someone donated, I would perform 3 pushups and 5 squats…doesn’t sound too bad right? My girls certainly didn’t think we would get much support on a rainy Friday lunch time, (and to be honest, I wasn’t too confident!). But it’s funny how these things work….12:00 rolled around and at that very instant, almost to the second, my friend and patient Todd Kane, rainbow beard and all, stopped by like a superhero with a 8-pack of beans. Todd was there not only to contribute food, but also to perform squats along with me! Two of my wife’s friends, Loi and Robyn, stopped by in the middle of their errands to “put me to work” with 10 cans between them. Next rolled in another patient I have not seen in over a year with a huge delivery of 10, followed by another 5 from her about 30 minutes later.


Totals Rising

Our totals kept rising. And then my friends, the Perkins boys – Thomas, Erik and Daniel came by after prodding from their Dad who saw my FB post. The boys are part of our family and are moving to France in 2 weeks, so they were more than happy to get rid of some cans and also participate in exercise. My Mom then showed up with a 7 pack of her own and although squats and pushups are tough for her, she ran in place to get some MOVEment. Finally, my office manager Caroline was there quite early to make sure we got some great videos and pictures to commemorate the event.


Results Are In

All totaled: 70 cans, 210 pushups, 350 squats and 14 participants. I couldn’t have asked for more. I felt so great for a number of reasons.

  1. We raised a significant amount of food for the Plainsboro Food Pantry.
  2. We were able to educate both kids and adults as to the benefits of movement.
  3. It wasn’t just me- all who contributed did some form of exercise! (I didn’t expect that one!)
  4. I felt a jolt of energy, like a little bit of momentum, that we were making a positive impact on community, on society.

If we can keep this up and continue that ball rolling, we can truly make a change in population health. Thanks all #SummerofMOVErs, Mike Eisenhart, my friends, family, patients and community for inspiring me to work harder in this mission of health.

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