Summer Of Move Is Here

So What is the #SummerofMOVE?

It is certainly a MOVEment that is for sure. The #SummerofMOVE challenge was started last year by past president of APTAnj Mike Eisenhart, whose vision is to change the health of society. What it entailed was exactly what it says, getting us as a profession and others-families, friends, communities, populations MOVING. Last year, it was biking from the West Coast to East Coast with different people performing different legs of the race. This year the #SummerofMOVE has been kicked up a notch and anyone who knows Mike was not too surprised by this. This years challenge was different in that there were teams created by way of a virtual draft, (ala fantasy football – 15 members per team), and more importantly was that all other forms of movement were allowed and promoted in the challenge. Social media was kicked up a notch and challenges have been included to spice things up. Everyone is positively encouraging other participants in their quest to improve their overall health.

summer of move

The overall goal of #SummerofMOVE is to educate the public that physical activity/exercise is one of the most SIGNIFICANT and health-improving life changes that an individual can make, and that just simply moving more can have a HUGE impact on chronic disease and many other health conditions. Approximately 250,000 deaths per year are attributed to poor lifestyle and are preventable. In addition, other lifestyle changes such as improving our dietary choices, sleep, mindfulness and social connections can help drastically improve our health.

Marc Rubenstein, owner of Jersey Physical Therapy, states this, “Our “health”care system needs to improve. We wait for people to get sick or injured to treat them in our complex medical system. The shift needs to be to focus on keeping people healthy with a more preventative, holistic, proactive approach rather than reactive. People need to receive the right care early- way before the problem becomes more difficult to solve. We can and should do healthcare better. ”

Jersey Physical Therapy will be expanding soon into the area of lifestyle, health and wellness and Marc will lead this surge for the practice, “So many musculoskeletal and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer are preventable through lifestyle changes. Our goal will be to educate the public, help them, coach them to make those important changes. Come up with a overall HEALTH plan and work together as an aligned team to keep the patient healthy.”

For more information on the #SummerofMOVE visit and more information on the lifestyle and wellness offerings at Jersey Physical Therapy contact Marc at 609-785-5386

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