#PTStar for November – Anna

For November 2016, Anna from the East Brunswick/Milltown office was the Jersey PT Patient of the Month and gained #PTStar status.


Anna initially came in for physical therapy treatment during the summer of 2015. She was supposed to have her left hip replaced that summer, but after traumatically tearing her right ACL, she had to postpone her hip replacement and underwent ACL reconstruction. She attended physical therapy for her right knee that summer and fall. She had a successful recovery, returning to full function. Anna then underwent her left total hip replacement (posterior approach) as planned this past summer of 2016. She returned to physical therapy for her hip and attended her sessions consistently this summer and fall.


Anna is a kindergarten teacher and was motived to get back to her normal routine. She wanted to get back to doing simple tasks, such as walking and moving around without pain, and being able to sit on the floor with her students. She wanted to get back to living a healthy, active, and pain-free life style, and return to a normal exercise/gym routine.


Since starting physical therapy, Anna no longer has hip or knee pain. She has some stiffness at times, which is normal at this point in her recovery, but is able to manage these symptoms with her home exercise program. She is no longer limited by pain and has returned to doing all of her normal daily tasks with ease. She will be wrapping up with physical therapy this week, and will be returning to her exercise/gym routine on her own.


“My experience at Jersey PT was excellent. I received exceptional care and a program that was tailored for my needs. All the exercises were explained fully and I made wonderful progress! I would definitely recommend JPT to everyone.” – Anna

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