#PTStar for October – Cynthia Bentley

cynthia-OctoberFor October 2016 Cynthia Bentley was the Jersey PT Patient of the Month and gained #PTStar status.


Cynthia initially came in for treatment of pain in her neck, thoracic spine, right shoulder, right elbow and right forearm. She also reported history of headaches. Cynthia had been to multiple physicians regarding these issues. Previous treatment which had included injections had only provided temporary relief of symptoms.


Cynthia is right hand dominant and was motivated to get her life back. She wanted to get back to doing the things she loves such as cooking, gardening and walking with her husband and dog. She also wanted to get back to doing simple daily tasks like putting on a jacket and cleaning her house without pain.


Since starting physical therapy Cynthia has reported a significant decrease in pain and the pain that remains is primarily in her shoulder rather than the entire right side of her upper body. She is now able to lift objects as heavy as a gallon of milk.


“I am so pleased to have found a Physical Therapy office that offers personal attention to the individual. I came with multiple problems with my right arm. Lindsey worked with me to find where the source of the problem was. After a few weeks we isolated the problems. She asked me to get a doctor’s script to have a MRI on my shoulder. Now I am working with doctors to help me fix the problems, now that we know what the problem is. It is so nice to be able to work one on one, to develop a relationship where the therapist gets to know your body.

It is so nice to be treated as an individual, not just any old patient for an insurance payment. Some PT offices have one therapist for 2 to 4 patients at one time. JTP offers one on one attention which some people need desperately. Lindsey has been awesome working with me. The rest of the staff are great. Caroline in the front office works with you to schedule your needs. JPT is by far the best PT group I have ever worked with.”

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