Understanding The Key Signs Of A Concussion?

Fall sports are here and athletic programs for college and high school are in full swing.   Unfortunately many injuries can occur during practice and sports events.  An estimated 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occur each year according to the Centers for Disease Control.


Jersey PT wants you to be aware of the following key symptoms of concussions.


  1. A person DOES NOT have to black out or lose consciousness after a hit to the head for a concussion to occur.
  2. Headaches are normally the most common symptom in concussions!
  3. There are many symptoms during concussions. Some symptoms that you may be able to notice another person having are: confusion, easily distracted, nervousness, dizziness, memory issues, vomiting, and irritability. If you feel any of the following symptoms in yourself after a head injury you should be aware of a possible concussion: headaches, neck pain, sensitivity to light and noise, vision problems, and poor concentration.
  4. Early signs may be hard to identify in concussions. Be sure to ask someone after a head injury how they are feeling. They may notice they are feeling different but it’s hard for others to see.
  5. Always remember that every concussion is different.

If you believe someone is suffering from a concussion you should seek medical attention immediately. Some concussions may be considered “mild” but any brain injury should be taken seriously.


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