An Original Grass Roots Movement To Help Mike

reeve-logoThe Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation started as a grassroots movement by pioneers who refused to accept the long-standing dogma that a spinal cord, once injured, could never recover or be repaired.

On August 4th Jersey PT staff, family and friends attended a special fundraising event held at Royce Brook Country Club to support The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and our friend Mike Nicols. Mike received a severe spinal cord injury while playing hockey on Jan. 4, 2014.

golf-outingThe Reeve foundation not only helps to financially support those who have been paralyzed like Mike, but are driving tremendous awareness, research and development with spinal related injuries. With the ultimate goal to help everyone to walk again.

Even with the enormous help from the Reeve foundation and local community, the real heroes are the people like Mike Nichols who provide true inspiration by staying positive and staying engaged with everyday life to achieve their goals.

“That’s how I take my physical therapy every day,” he said. “I go in it with the mindset of an athlete. I’m a hockey player first, and I still am. I go in with an athlete’s mentality. On the way, I got my music going just like I would before a game. I get in there and I do the best I can. At the beginning it was a struggle. It was very hard. I could barely move my left arm. Now I’m moving it.”

Co-founder of Jersey PT Marc Rubenstein has always had an enormous passion for working with the local community and supporting grassroots movements like the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Jersey PT has worked with thousands of patients since founding their South Brunswick, NJ Physical Therapy practice in 2002 and understand that certain treatments and recovery require enormous support from friends, family, the community and national organizations like the Reeve Foundation.

We challenge you to get involved with your community to help make a difference. If you would like to make a donation to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Click Here.

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