#PTStar for April – Renee Bloom

For April 2016 Renee was the Jersey PT Patient of the Month and gained #PTStar status.


Renee sustained a left wrist fracture due to a fall. She went to the emergency room and followed up with an orthopedist who had her wear a cast for 6 weeks.


Renee is left hand dominant so she needed to get her strength and motion back to be able to perform her daily activities. She was having difficulty writing, cooking, eating, driving, and hygiene routines. Renee knew that going to physical therapy for an hour 2 times per week would be greatly beneficial but not enough to get her full function back, so she was very dedicated to doing her home exercise program each day.


On Renee’s first visit she had just been taken out of the cast and was fearful of moving her arm. She had very limited movement in her wrist and fingers due to being in the cast for 6 weeks. She had also lost a lot of muscle strength and was unable to grip. Now, she has regained nearly all of her motion back in her wrist and is able to write, cook, eat, drive with her seatbelt on, open heavy doors, and carry her purse. She has even been able to enjoy a new hobby – going to a shooting range.


“Lindsey made me feel comfortable from the first session. I’d never needed PT before and didn’t know what to expect. I told Lindsey I was motivated since I am left handed and needed to get back to writing and daily activities. She and the PT aides worked with me during sessions and provided a home therapy program that has brought my daily activity level back to normal. I can’t thank the team at Jersey PT enough for everything they’ve done for me!”

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