#PTStar for February – Ken Schnelle

ken-PTstar-febFor February 2016 Ken was the Jersey PT Patient of the Month and gained #PTStar status.


Ken sustained two torn quadriceps tendons after falling about 6 feet on a golf course. He was unable to get up after the fall, to walk and had to be carried by a fellow golfer. He was then taken to the ER where surgery was performed to repair both quadriceps tendons.


After the surgery Ken knew he had a long road ahead of him. He was in two full leg length braces and was unable to bend his knees, which made walking and all regular daily activities very difficult. Once home he moved his bed downstairs because he was not able to climb the stairs. Ken is looking forward to performing daily activities, we take for granted, as soon as he can. Returning to his bedroom upstairs, driving, shopping, returning to golf, and to his volunteer role are goals for Ken and are large motivating factors.


On Ken’s first visit he arrived using a walker, and 2 full length braces that would not allow him to bend his knees. Sitting in a chair was not possible. Ken has been attending therapy for the past 1.5 months. He has made significant gains over that time. He is able to sit in a chair, get up from the chair, he is no longer using the braces or walker when walking around as his strength has significantly returned, which is allowing him to climb the stairs and use his own bed.


“All the personnel working at Jersey Physical Therapy show the utmost care to their patients. In addition, the are well trained and intelligent. It is truly a pleasure attending my therapy sessions.”

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