#PTStar For December – Gary Collister

physical-therapy-star-decemberFor December 2015 Gary Collister was our #PTStar of the month.


Gary had been suffering from severe headaches over the past several months. He had seen multiple physicians but was not getting better.


Gary had been very frustrated with his condition because it limited him from taking care of his family and performing his work activities to the same degree that he was able to prior to having the headaches.


On Gary’s first visit he was examined from head to toe to determine what could be causing his headaches. Immediately following the examination, treatment began. The patient noticed an immediate decrease in his headaches. Following a month of physical therapy, the patient reported no longer having headaches and noticed that he had much better neck and shoulder mobility. He felt like he was able to return to his prior activity level without limitations.


“Never having had physical therapy before I honestly didn’t believe it would do much good. I would recommend Jersey Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy. The staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for all you did for me.”

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