#PTStar For November – James Harton

patient of the month james hartonJames came to Jersey PT after a total knee replacement, and we recently sat down with him and chatted about his experience with the JPT team.

Jersey PT (JPT): Tell me a little about what made your experience a positive one at Jersey PT?

James Harton (JH): Clearly, the staff made me feel welcome, important and that you were going to help me. This was true from Day 1.  You always demonstrated a concern for what my issues were and how to get through them.  You have a great staff, partners and support staff.  Everyone was always fun and pleasant and that was great.”

JPT: How was the overall customer experience from your perspective?

JH: Super and top-notch.  You and your staff were caring, demonstrated concern and that you wanted to help and were always pleasant upon arrival.  Everyone explained what I needed to do thoroughly- from the front office staff to the physical therapists and support staff.  You helped to develop a specific program for me and you modified it as needed. The fact that you were adjusting as I moved forward was a key thing. This all made it a positive experience.

JPT: What would you advise patients who are about to undergo TKR? Any helpful tips?

JH: I could write a book on this!

  1. Get in shape before surgery.  Invaluable.
  2. After knee replacement- keep knees elevated. Did better at this after my 2nd surgery. Helped me get back on my feet quicker with less sensitivity.
  3. Make sure you are consistent attending PT sessions and accept the fact that you will have pain and fight through this early. This will help you as the pain drops after the early weeks.
  4. Perform the exercises correctly with proper form and repetitively.
  5. Don’t be afraid to do the silly walking exercises in public! Traveling I had to do this and look like a fool but made my trip easier.
  6. Move frequently. Every hour!
  7. Most importantly, go to Jersey Physical Therapy! I’m 95% better after two knee replacements and I can’t thank you guys enough.

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