#PTStar For October – Isaac Odusanya

patient of the month isaac odusanyaAge: 34 y.o. male; Kendall Park Office

Condition: Isaac came to physical therapy after sustaining multiple injuries from a motorcycle accident in May 2015. His injuries consisted of several fractures of the rib and vertebrae, a fractured right scapula and left clavicle, and a herniated disc in his lumbar spine. Surgical intervention was required for both shoulders; therefore, Isaac underwent an ORIF (Open Reduction and Internal Fixation) to fix the fractures. He had also complained of weakness and pain in his feet due to the herniated disc. He experienced an overall decline in activity level and grew skeptical about his ability tor regain full function.

Motivation: Since the time of his initial evaluation, Isaac has been eager to return to his prior level of function. His eagerness turned into motivation, which was the driving force behind his recovery. His main goals have been to return to being an active member in his motorcycle club as well as return to his normal gym workouts and recreational activities.

Improvement: During Isaac’s first therapy appointment, he was unable to raise his arm above chest level as he was in a lot of pain. He also walked into the clinic bent forward due to the back issues and displayed immense difficulty getting out of the chair and onto the treatment table. As he continued attending PT, improvements were seen on a weekly basis. Within the first couple of weeks he was able to regain a significant amount of his shoulder range of motion allowing him to perform his daily activities with less difficulty. He has made about 95% improvement in his shoulder and has returned to working out at the gym again. He continues to come for therapy for his back and is now able to walk for several hours at a time with improved posture and no limitations.

Quote: “I had a major motorcycle accident. It resulted in two major surgeries. After getting out of the hospital, I couldn’t use my right arm at the shoulder level. I also had significant issues with a disc in my lower back. Both of these issues were resolved after a few months working with the AMAZING staff at JPT. I can’t speak highly enough of their technique, professionalism, and kindness. I’d recommend them to anyone!!”

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