#PTStar For August – Henry Lasch

henry laschAge/Office: 79 y.o. male; Kendall Park Office

Condition: Henry came to physical therapy with a significant loss in right shoulder movement after a fall.  He was having difficulty with dressing/grooming and could barely lift his arm up to complete activities of daily living.  Henry’s function had been compromised and he was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear.  He was then sent to physical therapy to see if surgery could be avoided.

Attendance: 2-3 times/week for the past 2 months

Motivation/Dedication: To regain function of his right shoulder again; 100% attendance

Improvement: When Henry first came to physical therapy he had significant loss of range of motion and strength, along with pain when attempting to raise his arm.  In the past two months, Henry has noted an increase in range of motion which has allowed him to comb his hair, dress, and reach overhead with less pain.  Henry feels he has gained his independence back with an increase in mobility.

Quote: “I have been receiving therapy on my right rotator cuff.  When I started, I could not lift my right arm above my head.  After 7 weeks of therapy, with the help and patience of the staff, I can now lift my right arm above my head.  The staff at Jersey Physical Therapy are very competent and professional individuals.  Thank you again.”

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