Running for Enjoyment & Exercise

Running for Enjoyment & ExerciseAs spring is upon us there are more people that enjoy the warmer weather by running for exercise. Running is a very natural movement pattern that our bodies are built to easily perform. Unfortunately, as we get older we find more people getting injured as a result of running. Why is this? That is a challenging question. The injuries are typically occurring as a result of muscle imbalances in the body. One’s body can be limited by having a lack of flexibility and strength of muscle groups and poor joint mobility.

In many instances we acquire these deficiencies as a result of excessive sitting throughout the day. Many of us are in occupations that require us to sit for 7-8 hours a day. It is very difficult for our bodies to sit for such a long period of time, then expect our bodies to get out and run for a significant duration of time. This can lead to connective tissue and joint breakdown.

In order to prevent injuries from running it is important to perform flexibility exercises and strength training for the entire body. Believe it or not when you run you use your entire body, not just your legs. There are many individuals that have pain with running as a result of limitations in mobility of their upper body.

For those of you that are sitting for prolonged periods during the day it is that much more important for you to do exercise to increase mobility throughout your body to offset the physical limitations that your body suffers through as a result of being in a flexed posture for the majority of the day.

Running can be a very rewarding way to get in shape, but it should not be one’s only form of exercise. Feel free to call or email us with any questions about starting a running or power-walking routine!


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