Family Matters at Jersey Physical Therapy

Growing up in Brunswick Acres, Marc Rubenstein was able to achieve an unusual milestone by forging a business partnership while still a toddler.

Rubenstein first met his eventual business partner Geoffrey Hunt while the pair were still in nursery school. While starting a business together was never quite on the agenda as the two friends advanced through the South Brunswick School District, Rubenstein and Hunt would end up pursuing the same field of physical therapy while attending Rutgers University, a field that would eventually lead them back home.

“We were both in the program when we went to Rutgers, but I don’t think we talked right away about going into business together,” Rubenstein said. “We were both working in different facilities when we identified a need here in South Brunswick for a physical therapy center.”

Along with their wives, who are also physical therapists, Rubenstein and Hunt launched Jersey Physical Therapy on Route 27 in Kendall Park in 2002, before opening up another office on Tices Lane in East Brunswick four years later.

“We’ve become, through working together, like a large family and we try to bring that into our businesses,” Rubenstein said. “Our families are really close, our kids are really close, and we bring that into the office to treat our customers like a family member. We’re a physical therapist-owned small business, not just a high volume corporate entity. We’re involved in everything, in all phases.”

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