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Health Tips

Setting Up Your Workspace

Simple Changes That Can Reduce Pain and Avoid Injuries With so many of us spending our days in front of a computer at work or at home, it’s important to talk about how to optimize our desk setup to avoid pain and injuries. A few small adjustments can make a big difference. Take a look at this picture below: http://www.deskideas.net/office-ergonomics-desk-setup/ Here are a few things to point out: Head and eyes: Their heads are facing directly forward towards the screen....

Kinesio Tape FAQs With Mike

Michael Atzert PTA, BS, CKTP of Jersey Physical Therapy recently became a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP). We asked him a few questions about kinesio tape. Why Did You Want To Become a CKTP? There are a few reasons why I wanted to pursue this certification. Perhaps the biggest reason was that several patient’s asked about kinesio tape and I had to tell them I didn’t really know too much about it. I didn’t feel good telling patient’s I didn’t...

The Health Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

Over the past few years, you may have noticed more people talking about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet or know people who have transitioned over to eating that way. It may seem confusing to change your eating habits after eating a certain way your entire life, but knowing the benefits of a plant-based diet can truly be motivating and life changing. There are an abundance of reasons to eat plant-based, but lets just focus on the many reasons...

Prevention Could Help Minimize Tommy John Surgery?

It's springtime, which means Major League Baseball and Little League baseball/softball across the country is underway. Unfortunately, over the years there have been more and more incidents of injuries that have occurred to these athletes. The most common injured parts of the body have been the shoulder and the elbow. Some athletes have been able to receive conservative treatment for these injuries such as physical therapy, medication and/or rest, while others unfortunately need surgery to repair damaged structures. The name...

Strain or Sprain? What’s The Difference?

Sprains and strains are common musculoskeletal injuries. These types of injuries are usually sustained from some type of physical trauma to the soft tissues or in rare cases, by over activity. The Difference The major difference between a sprain and a strain is the type of soft tissue is that is injured. A sprain occurs to a ligament whereas a strain occurs to a muscle belly or its tendon. Tendons and ligaments are different types of tissues with different functions....

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In your wrist, there is a small space called the carpal tunnel. Through this tunnel runs the median nerve and several tendons of muscles that run from the forearm into the wrist and hand. When there is pressure on the median nerve, it can cause numbness/tingling and/or pain into the hand which is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Conditions that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome include: Repetitive hand or wrist movements Obesity, Rheumatoid arthritis Gout, diabetes, Lupus Hypothyroidism Fractures Bone spurs...

Can Cold Weather Affect Joint Pain?

When your great aunt once said she can “feel” a storm coming on, she may have been on to something! Weather forecasting through joint pain may actually have some validity. The belief that weather can affect joint pain is widespread. Many medical studies have aimed to prove the direct connection between cold climates and pain; unfortunately, the evidence has been equivocal at best. However, there is seemingly endless anecdotal evidence that back up this belief. So what exactly is the...

Achilles Injuries

Achilles injuries most commonly occur in the running athlete who is trying to increase the intensity of their workouts and in the higher impact athlete such as basketball players. This impact that is created at the foot/ankle becomes too much stress for the body to handle. When your foot hits the ground it should initially act as a “shock absorber” in order to minimize the stress to the joints of the lower body. When the foot is unable to accomplish...

How To Cope With Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many women experience pain at some point during pregnancy and sometimes the pain persists after giving birth. There are things you can do to prevent onset of pain or minimize/eliminate pain once you begin to experience it. Causes Of Back Pain With Pregnancy Additional weight gain: Increased weight causes strain on the joints and forces the muscles to work harder. Change in the center of gravity: As your belly gets bigger the center of gravity moves forward which can cause...

Adherence to Home Exercise Program in Older Adults

Physical therapy and a home exercise program are two parts of a whole. Generally, home exercise programs (HEP) are given to patients after the physical therapy initial evaluation and updated as the patient progresses. The patient’s recovery is greatly dependent on how compliant he or she is to the home program that was given. Exercising at home conditions the body between PT visits. Performing the HEP subsequent days will keep the body limber and will also speed up strength gains....
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